Design for America is an award-winning nationwide network of student teams and community members using human-centered design to create local and social impact. Since its founding in 2008, DFA has expanded to over 14 universities across the United States, and continues to grow at an exceptional rate, hoping to number 50 studios in the coming years. 

DFA studios lead innovative, replicable solutions to social challenges by focusing on careful analysis of the problem, rapid prototyping, user-testing and interdisciplinary teamwork. Studios are supported in their project by faculty advisors, design experts, community partners and DFA headquarters. Projects run outside of the academic calendar, allowing students to be involved from ideation to implementation.

At USC, we consider ourselves a social impact design studio. We develop & implement products and services to create social impact in the city of Los Angeles. We are looking for students, faculty and community members passionate about making a lasting impact to join the DFA community at USC. Join our team if you are interested in bringing the DFA initiative to the University of Southern California.